Star Alliance Capital Partners (“Star Alliance”) is a division of Dimension Trading Group, LLC (“Dimension”), a broker-dealer that is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission and a member of the CBOE Stock Exchange (“CBSX") and SPIC. Star Alliance specializes in trading US Equities and Options. Our office is located on Wall Street in the heart of the financial district in New York City. Through Dimension, Star Alliance provides a robust trading platforms and maintains a technologically advanced 9,000 sq feet trading floor for our traders.

Our mission is to build a group of diverse and consistently profitable trading teams, both here in New York and throughout the US. By joining our team, traders can benefit from the collective experience of our group. New traders find that the mentorship of our senior traders is invaluable in advancing their trading skills to a higher level.

Career Open House

We invite you to an Equity Trader Career open house on:
At the open house we provide a mini trading workshop in which we will teach you a few of our trading tactics our traders use every day.

Interview Scheduler

Star Alliance automated interview scheduler is created for applicants to schedule themselves. You have an option to choose a series of interview dates with available slots for which you could click and receive immediate confirmation for your selected date.
To schedule an interview please click on the button below:

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Experience the power of our

Experience the power that Star Alliance offers through Dimenion, with a Free, no obligation trial of our super fast trading platform, Blackwood Pro, and see for yourself the advantages of direct market access.



Our live technical support team, utilizing the latest solutions in real-time support technology, is staffed with attentive and knowledgeable trading technology professionals, providing our traders with the exceptional level of customer service and assistance.


Star Alliance provides exclusive use of the Blackwood Pro platform, offering super fast order entry and trade execution, real-time quotes and market data, and integrated news, charts and analytical tools, all within an easy to use, yet highly customizable, interface.